I make rectangles. They're nice rectangles.

I’m a visual designer, working and living in Berlin.

I’m currently working at SumUp as a Senior Digital Designer — but I'm always happy to consider short freelance collaborations from time to time. 
I would be delighted to have a chat with you, and make nice things together.
I specialise in Interface, Branding and Motion Design.

I create and animate digital products and experiences for a wide variety of platforms, clients and industries.
I strive to always use visual design as a way to solve problems, and bring tangible results. I work at the intersection of branding, motion and interface design, and believe that my trade is about creating order from chaos, and successfully delivering impactful messages.
I learn from transverse disciplines.

I believe that a designer’s most valuable quality is curiosityAs such, I am always eager to discover and explore new ways of thinking, and draw a lot of inspiration from the disciplines of Interaction or Service Design.

Beyond my visual craft, I like to think in terms of organisations and processes, people and cultures, principles and patterns… all those considerations help me giving sense and purpose to visual design.
What drives me:

Pixel perfection.
Design that delivers business results. 
Learning from others.
New design tools.
Helping my teammates.
More pizza.
Meaningful human interactions. 
Getting better at what I do.
Inclusive design. 

… And many more.
You've read this far. You're awesome. Now let's talk, eh?