In March 2019, Isobar Paris participated in a pitch organised by Audi France for the complete overhaul of their digital ecosystem
I was part of a team of designers whose role was to imagine the digital services of tomorrow for the automotive industry, and help Audi innovate in the field of customer-centric innovation. During this 3 weeks-long pitch effort, I contributed to the Service Design brainstorming and exploration. I then designed and animated a lot of proof-of-concept videos, and had a substantial role in assembling the final client presentation.
Predictive climate control

Painpoint: climatic conditions can sometimes hamper, if not entirely prevent the use of a vehicle when we need it.

Solution: Based on a user behavior analysis, the app predicts a trip to the office at 8.00 AM. Through external weather data, the app detects a risk of frost on the wind shield, and pro-actively triggers the de-icing 15 minutes before departure.
Data syncing

Painpoint: Renting or borrowing another car than your regular one means spending some time adjusting every setting back to your personal preferences.

Solution: When entering an Audi vehicle, the user can synchronise instantly his or her personal preferences in the on-board system, by just putting his smartphone on the car’s charging surface.

Car seats ajust themselves, rear view mirror is aligned, and the speakers resume the music that was previoulsy played.
Motion Design
To convey these ideas in a comprehensible and compelling manner, a lot of importance was given to motion graphics as a way to illustrate the various concepts presented in this competition.

Below is a selection of animation I have designed and executed:
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