In the fall of 2020, advertising agency McCann Paris commissioned me to work for one of their biggest client,  L’Oréal Group. 
The french cosmetics manufacturer wanted to communicate on the numerous initiatives it funds across the globe, on diversesocietal issue: ecology, responsible manufacturing, women’s rights… 
Based on the initial concept developped by McCann for the printed campaign (a dezooming effect within a photograph to reveal the claim), I was tasked to transpose this creative principle on a digital medium, and expand it to a series of full-fledged mobile landing page concepts. The result is an immersive and high-end digital experience,  packed with elegant transitions and  smooth scrolling animations.
Motion design
One of the key requirements expressed by the client was a focus on smooth, modern animation throughout the navigation of the page. I fulfilled that need by implementing a lot of creative transitions and effects, playing with 3D elements, typographic elements and assets juxtapositions.
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